Saturday, March 1, 2008

eBay News and Information: Links for Mar 1

Rob Pergoraro of the Washington Post wants to hear how you feel about the recent eBay changes.

Reuters reports that eBay Sees Growing Risks in Coming Years.

"If these changes cause sellers to move their business away from our sites or otherwise fail to improve gross merchandise volume or the number of successful listings, our operating results and profitability will be harmed," eBay said.
According to AuctionBytes, eBay may introduce a split screen to display auction results.
eBay may have found a solution that will make both auction and fixed-price buyers and sellers happier: a split-screen results page that shows auction listings on one side and fixed-price listings on the other.
eBay Numbers were Reported to be inflated according to

As per normal with eBay, the conspiracy theories are already circulating about inflated listing numbers to disguise the boycott impact and artificial stats to satisfy Wall Street analysts.

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sellonebay said...

I hope that ebay has finally realized that they need to also make the sellers happy, not just he buyers. Changing the nuetral feedback as negative is a start but the have a long way to go after the changes in the past year. I think they know now that sellers are just as big a part of thier business as buyers and maybe they are not undistructable. I was wondering if you would be willing to exchange links. my blog is

Thanks, Genny