Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A guide to selling postcards on eBay

eBay Powerseller and guru Skip McGrath comes out with a newsletter every month at his website. This month he talked about something that looks very appealing to me, selling vintage postcards on eBay.

Skip writes that:

Old or vintage postcards are one of the best-selling and potentially most profitable collectibles to sell on eBay. But not just any old postcard --there is just ONE postcard type that virtually anyone can sell, without experience, without prior knowledge and without risk. This one postcard type regularly breaks auction prices, rarely goes unsold, can be picked up for pennies and uploaded to eBay in three minutes flat.

They call this type of postcard 'topographical' and they depict known geographical locations, such as towns and cities, small villages and hamlets, in the US, UK and many other countries. Topographical postcards are hugely popular and highly collectible, and they can be bought for under a dollar at auctions, flea markets, garage sales, estate sales, thrift shops and even on eBay itself.

They can be resold for ten, twenty, sometimes hundreds of times the price you paid. And they are collected all over the world. You can sell cards to buyers in almost any country including the US, UK, Canada, Germany, India, Australia, Ireland, and Japan.

Skip is a great source of information, and wrote a great book about selling on eBay that I highly recommend, you can find more information about him on my sidebar link.

Anyway, back to the postcards. A book was recently written about selling them by Avril Harper. She is a triple eBay PowerSeller and author of BANK BIG PROFITS SELLING VINTAGE TOPOGRAPHICAL VIEW POSTCARDS ON EBAY. If this sounds interesting to you, you should read more about it at Avril's Website

I can't wait to get a scanner so I can start selling postcards too. It looks to be much easier and more profitable than selling jeans on eBay.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

How much should I charge for shipping?

It seems like the internal struggle many eBay sellers have is deciding on how much they should charge for shipping.

The problem is that they hate to spend a lot on shipping themselves, but they also hate to lose out on potential earnings.

This is why I say, you should charge a lot for shipping. Well, not a lot, but let me give you an example.

When I first started selling pants on eBay, I would put them in a priority flat rate envelope. This cost 4.60, and I would charge 4.95 for shipping. I did not want to charge too much, and I wanted happy customers.

But then, I read an article by an economist that studied eBay buying habits, and he found that shipping price, to an extent, does not matter.

The moral of the eBay article was that people bid on your item based on how low your starting price is, not how high your shipping price is.

So, I was charging 4.95 for shipping, and then I raised my prices to 6.60. Doing this, I was making an extra 2.00 an auction. That adds up folks, and it completely covered my listing fees and cost of merchandise. This was awesome, and it did not effect my sell through rate at all.

I raised my price, and the amount of items that was being sold remained steady. So I raised my price again.

The third time I raised my price, it went up to 7.95. Doing this I was making an extra 3.35 an auction. This is completely amazing, and adds up so fast. Imagine if you were completing a hundred auctions a week. That is an extra 335.00 a week!

The best part is, that when I raised my price again, my sales did not fall. They stayed steady, and I reaped the benefits.

Now, handling fees are ok to charge, but do not go crazy. Look at what people are charging for shipping and getting away with. This is the best guide you can go by. I feel that if I continued to increase my shipping costs without lowering my initial starting prices, I would see a decline in sales.

But this is something you have to experiment with. Try to charge an extra dollar for shipping, see if it effects anything. The worst thing that could happen is people stop buying from you. Well, guess what, if this happens just change it back to the original price.

Good luck, I hope adjusting your prices makes you a lot more money.

If you want to get cash back on all of your eBay purchases (36% of sellers fees) please go to

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Paypal is down, I need help!

Do you have problems with Paypal and not know how to fix them? Well guess what, I do. Well most of the time.

If you are getting errors like this:

We are currently unable to connect to United States Postal Service (USPS). No label was generated and the funds for this transaction will be credited to your PayPal account within 24 hours. Please try again later.

There are several things that could be wrong.

Make sure to check and see if your bidder gave you their first and last name, and that they are in the address. This fixes the problem most of the time.

If that does not work, check to make sure that all of the address is spelled out. For example, if something says St.Louis, make sure it says Saint Louis. Take the period out of things like St. and Ave.

Make sure that the address you are shipping to is clean and has nothing weird in it. If fixing all of these problems does not make your error message go away try this:

There is a back door to PayPal so that you send a package to anyone, whether they gave you a payment or not. All you have to do is go here :

Just manually write in the address and it should ship no problem. The back door to PayPal will solve all of your problems, unless PayPal goes down completely.

So next time you have a problem with PayPal, bookmark that page, (or this one) and you will be able to ship your packages with ease.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Abrasive Terms of Sale

Hey eBayers, everybody has a bad experience with bidders. Everybody.

The trick is to not let your bad experiences rub off onto your auctions.

What I am referring to is the very negative and strict terms of sale found in some auctions. These terms of sale often turn off potential bidders. For example:

  • "I have been plagued by too many non-payers & re-listing an item is expensive."
  • "Money order or cashiers’ check made out to me (email me within 24 hours of auction close for address). I still must receive payment within 7 days of auction close.
    * No personal checks – No exceptions"
These are not even some of the worse terms that I have seen, but they are still pretty negative.

What you have to realize is that about 90% of your bidders will just bid on your item and then pay for it in the next 2-3 days without prompting. The more terms, conditions, and instructions you have, the more potential bidders you will turn off.

Go back and reconsider your terms of sales, and your eBay auctions. Make sure they are simple, and non-threatening, and you could see an increase in bidders. Don't try to dissuade the bad 10%, instead try to persuade the interested 90%.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Advanced search techniques for eBay for buyers and sellers

There are a lot of ways to find things on eBay. Searching being the one most widely used. But the eBay search engine is actually pretty powerful, and I believe it is underutilized. Also, the better you understand search capabilities, the better you will be able to write auction titles.

If you type one phrase or word it will find all combinations of that phrase. For example if you type "abercrombie 10" you will find all items with the words abercrombie and 10.

Everybody knows that.

But if you want to search for two different brands of pants, and they fit you differently, say Gap size 2 and Old Navy size 4, you can do both in one search as so: (Gap 2, Old Navy 4) Make sure it is inside the ().

With this technique the comma signifies "or" so this is a search for "Gap 2" or "Old navy 4." There can be as many terms inside of the (), Like so: (x,y,z).

Now, if you want to search for some khakis, but do not want to find them with cargo pockets you can search like this:
Banana Republic Khakis -Cargo
This will find all Khakis but remove all items in search that have the term "cargo" in it.

If you want to remove multiple words from your search there are 2 ways to do it:
-(x,y) or -x -y

If you want to find cargo pants, but dont want to search for cargo or cargos, you can do this search "carg*" The asterisk will find all terms that begin with a "carg." This is pretty powerful because it helps you find auctions where sellers use crazy terms with recognizable roots.

All of these searches can be combined

(bcbg, bebe) (shirt*,top*) med* -halter
This long string would search for all items that have "bcbg or bebe" in the title. It will also search for anything that starts with "shirt", "shirts" included. Same with top or tops. It will also find med or medium. And the search will exclude all titles with he word halter.

With practice you will be able to pin-point the exact item or items that you want.

Once you master this, and make the perfect search to find whatever you need you eBay has an option to "save this search." Use it, it is a great tool that can save you a lot of time.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

How to research how much your item is worth on eBay

There are a lot of beginning sellers out there, and some with quite a bit of feedback under their belt, that do not fully understand the power of the eBay search engine, or how to find out how much their item is worth on eBay.. Well, lucky for you, I am here to help!

There are several ways to search for things on eBay, but this approach will look at how to research profit potential for any given item you have. It is a good way to see how much your item sells for, and how high you should set your bid to get the best price.

After reading this, you will be able to more effectively see how much your item is worth, and what its average selling price is.

For the first simple starter example, I will use an item that I was researching to see if it would be worth it to buy in hopes of reselling on eBay. The item was the "Garmin Edge 305 GPS with Heartrate and Cadence Monitor." But if I searched for that whole string I would find very few results. So, instead I just searched for "Garmin edge 305."

This regular search just showed me regular results, but I am not interested in that, I want to see what it has sold for in the last two weeks. To see completed listings you have to scroll down and select the "completed listings" button. Simple enough.

This shows which items sold (Green numbers) and which items did not sell (red numbers). This gave me 209 results for items that sold in the last two weeks. This is good because it shows me that it is not really a saturated market.

To narrow this down further I narrowed down my results by clicking the button on the left which only shows the items that were GPS devices, and then was further narrowed by selecting "Personal GPS Devices." This gave me only 98 results.

That is a very easy number to work with. With those 98 results I sorted by price: highest first. These are the people that I want to emulate, and the prices that I am shooting for.

To see how much an item routinely sells for, it is a good idea to scroll down the page and look for the red numbers (usually the highest numbers) to start to get replaced by the green numbers. The red numbers go from a max of about $280 to about $260 before they start to get green. I know from this that I can not expect to make more than $260 on this item.

From there I keep scrolling down until I see a large section of just green numbers that have a lot of bids next to them. These prices show how much people are willing to spend on this item. The top third of the solid green numbers is a good place to judge how much you should try to sell your item for. This item sells heavily from the $240-$220 price range.

After I narrowed the prices I want to sell my item for down, I can look in that section and see how much I can charge for shipping to maximize my profit. It looks like I can charge from $10 to $17 to have this item shipped. Since this item only costs about 8.95 to ship in a priority box I know that I can make a couple extra bucks on the shipping increase.

With all of this information compiled I would probably do a fixed price, or auction for this item starting at about $230, and charge about $10-13 for shipping.

This is the basic way that I research all of the items that I want to sell, to see the kind of price I should expect, and see where I should set my minimum bid if I do not want to lose any money.

However, there are easier ways to research the popularity of your product, and how much sells for, and even the average sell-through rate. The time saving tool that I have been using, that works very well and I am very happy with, is Hammertap. It is a great little program that researches about a month back or more, and does some pretty in depth research. It also has a free trial right now, for like two weeks!

If you have a lot of items to sell, or plan on doing a lot of research in about a month period, it is worth it to pay the minimal fee. It will save you a lot of time. That is, unless you would like to do it my free and relatively easy way.

Also, if you want to find out how to get the Garmin Edge 305 for about $130, check out my blog post: Hot Deal to help you make about $80.00! (It is only $80 because of seller fees).

Research on eBay is fairly easy with practice. If you have any questions, I will be happy to answer them in the comment section. Good luck!

To the Auction or in my eBay Store?

A lot of people are not sure how they should go about selling their items on eBay. The majority of eBay sellers only do auctions, and then there are some who only do store items. The most successful eBayers use both eBay stores, and auctions.

The way that many powersellers sell on eBay is through multiple formats. A good way to go is to create an auction for all of your items, set at prices you can live with, but are still competitive, and sell to the highest bidder.

What do you do when your auction does not sell? You put that item in your eBay store. EBay is a fickle marketplace, and the price you get on your items largely relates to how many people are looking. If nobody is looking for your item, it may not sell. But do not worry, someone will find what they are looking for in your store!

It is a good idea to put items in your store that do not sell through auctions. It is a good idea to keep your items in your store for at least six months.

The way that store sales normally work, is that your best stuff gets bought out quick, because it is the most popular, and have good qualities that appeal to a lot of bidders.

This rapid liquidation of newly added eBay store items is called the "honeymoon" period

After the "honeymoon," your store has become depleted of its most popular items, the ones that appeal to the most people in the most coveted brands.

But, there are still people out there that are outside of the main stream who want to buy less popular, but still desirable items. These will sell slowly out of your store, but should still provide a constant income as long as your store stays stocked.

It is important to keep adding inventory to your store, and keep running auctions to draw a good flow of bidders to your higher priced store items.

After many of your items have sold, there will be random buyers who will come along looking for very specific items. They will come and buy the rest of your items. This may take 6+ months, but 6 months x .06 = .36. It is worth it to keep your items around if they still sell.

To help move your sales along, I recommend using the best offer option. That way, when the last random buyer wants something very specific, they can also get it in their price range.

I am repeating this one more time, because it is very important: make sure to keep your store stocked! This is good because the more items you have, the more you will sell. Also, once you do draw a buyer into your store, you have a better chance of having them buy multiple items from you. So make sure you have some way to entice them into doing that. Offer shipping discounts.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Hot Deal to help you make about $80.00!

A lot of people ask, what should I sell on eBay? Well today I have a very specific answer.

You should sell the Garmin Edge 305 Cadence.

I have been doing a lot of research on the internet to find good products at cheap prices to sell on eBay. Today I want to share one of them with you. I found a way to buy one Garmin Edge 305 Cadence for $133.21 after rebate. These are selling routinely on eBay for $230.00 + 10.00 S&H.

After eBay fees you can make about $80.00 for selling this one item.

I am sharing this with you as a kind of fund raiser for my blog.

I am only selling 25 of these instructions on how to get the Garmin Edge 305 for super cheap so that I do not flood the market with people re-selling Garmins.

To keep this deal viable, I am only charging $1.99 for this information, and it will come with a satisfaction guarantee, so that if for some reason this deal does not work out for you, you will not be out any money. Plus this is an easy way to build your feedback.

If you are interested in making a relatively easy $80.00 please check my auction!

Monday, August 20, 2007

How to Increase eBay Store Sales with Markdown Manager

If you have an eBay Store, or are thinking about getting one, it is time to consider one of eBay's most effective marketing tools. The markdown manager! This is a great free tool that has increased my eBay Store Sales.

Everybody loves a sale, and markdown manager lets you offer a sale of up to 75% off for a maximum of 45 days. Though, I do not recommend that you use the 75% off sale unless you really need to clear out some inventory.

As noted above, these sales would be great to clear out unwanted inventory. They are also great for seasonal promotions. You could have a back to school sale, day after thanksgiving sale, labor day sale, etc... Check your news paper, listen to the radio, these mediums are time tested for presenting sales to the public. If some big box store is having an event sale, you could certainly have one too.

To get the full effect out of the markdown manager, I can recommend some tips and tricks to really get your store sales up.

  1. If you are running all store items, put up some regular auctions of similar items to draw customers to your store. If they do not get to your store, they will never be enticed by the sale.
  2. To make sure more bidders see that you have a sale running it is good to add this "sale " link to the right. To add this link to all of your listing takes a couple of steps, but it is worth it to draw attention to your items. Go to: My Ebay --> Marketing Tools --> Listing Frame --> Then check the 'Link to "Items On Sale" box. To see what this looks like in the listings you can check out my store, as I am currently running a sale.
  3. Also, be sure that your add copy at the very least commands your bidders to look at your other items, and ideally, tells them to check out your hot sale
  4. The next trick is to entice buyers with a sale, but to also make the amount of money you want. A good way to do this is to increase the prices of your store items by about the same amount as the percentage you are going to take off for the sale. For example, let's imagine we are selling a widget, and we want $12.00 for it. What you need to do is raise the price to $15.00 and then have a 20% off sale. This would bring the item back down to the price you want for it, but also make it look like the bidder is saving a whopping $3.00.
Please leave a comment and let me know how markdown manager has effected your sales.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Make More Money on eBay With Second Chance Offers

One of the easiest ways to increase your eBay auction cash flow and profits is to use second chance offers. If you have more than one of the same exact item in stock, and your auction ends with a price that you are happy with, then the second chance offer is your best friend!

Using the second chance offer button allows you to email the second highest bidder and gives them the opportunity to bid on your item at their maximum bidding price. If their was a bidding war, and the price was exceptionally high, this is a great time to cash in.

Second Chance offers also allow you to move inventory faster, sell at prices you are comfortable with, and greatly increase your income. For example, when I started working with beaddevotion, we were selling about $11,000 worth of beads a month. But when I recommended that we use second chance offers for auctions that ended profitably, our sales jumped to $1,3750 in a month!

Using second chance offers will make you a lot more money! Also, when using a second chance offer, you do not have to pay the additional listing fees that comes with making a new auction. All you have to do is collect the money, and pay eBay your final value fee.

Here are some tips for maximizing the benefit of the second chance offer:

  1. Make sure to only use the Second Chance Offer if your auction has ended at a price that you are very happy with. Unless you really need some cash, do not settle for less than what would be profitable for you.
  2. Try to send out the offer as soon as possible. Bidders are fickle and will move on quickly if you do not take action.
  3. Put a 1 day time limit on the offer. Creating a sense of urgency will help make sure more of your offers are acted upon.
I hope you make a lot of money! Good luck.

Friday, August 10, 2007

How to Cheaply and Safely Ship Clothing.

When I first started shipping clothing on eBay I waisted a lot of money on shipping products. I did this because I was unaware that the USPS was just giving envelopes, labels, and stickers away for free.

I would buy tyvek bags for about .45 cents a bag, at the local office depot. This was a big mistake. Office depot is expensive! Now I do all of my shopping at in the Priority section. The items are free and they ship them to your door. The items that make shipping for eBay a lot easier are: both of the flat rate boxes, flat rate envelopes, rolls of priority mail stickers, and tyvek envelopes.

I can ship a very large pair of jeans in one flat rate envelope, and sometimes two pairs of dress pants! This is great because it only costs 4.60 to ship. Cutting shipping costs will make your eBay experience a lot better. It could either make it so you can charge a bit for handling and not gouge your bidders. This way you can make a little bit extra per eBay transaction, and also have more interest in your auctions because of your reasonable shipping costs.

Here is my technique for safely packaging a pair of jeans into a flat rate envelope:

  1. Fold the jeans into quarters or fifths, but make sure it is small enough so that when you put them in the tyvek envelope, that the envelope can double over on itself. The tyvek envelope is to protect from tearing that cardboard can not withstand. Also they are slightly weatherproof. Some sellers put their pants in plastic baggies as well as tyvek to further protect them from the elements (I do not).
  2. Put your label on the cardboard flat rate envelope now, if you wait for later it will look very ugly.
  3. After you have a nice little tyvek package, maneuver it into the cardboard flat rate envelope. This can sometimes be tricky, watch out for paper cuts.
  4. Make sure the pants are in the very bottom of the cardboard envelope and then attempt close the envelope. It is easiest to close the envelope on a table, not in your lap.
  5. Once the envelope is closed, put USPS priority mail stickers over the corners to make sure they do not catch on anything.
  6. Put a piece of packaging tape over the seal, to make sure your package does not rip open. Maybe also put another piece of packaging tape over the addresses so that they are protected from the elements and do not watch off.
  7. Rinse and repeat.
If you get anything from this post let it be: Get as much free stuff from the USPS as you can possibly use. Instead of waisting money on envelopes, maybe buy some tissue paper to make your items look fancy. Or cut the costs completely and watch your profits from ebay grow!

Good luck out there.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

I am back!

After graduating college and taking a break I am back! I am ready to start helping and teaching more. And I am selling a lot of things on eBay. It is pretty exciting for me. Right now I am working two eBay jobs. One for myself, and one for a super power seller beaddevotion.

When I am working for beaddevotion I mostly do shipping and packaging, but I have gained a lot of useful eBay experience that I would love to share.

Also, I have been doing a lot of my own posting, and have been focusing really strongly on selling quality name brand used clothing. I have been experimenting with auction formats, templates, copy writing, shipping, pricing, picture taking, and more. I will definitely have a lot to share with you in the coming months as I become a power seller.

Also if you have any recommendations or eBay questions you would like answered please leave a comment and I will put it at the top of my list of priorities.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

3 Great Ways to Get More Repeat Ebay Customers

The tragedy of Ebay is that all of your items do not sell all of the time. No matter what you do with your description, title, or pictures. Sometimes there is just no one searching for your exact auction, or not clicking on your perfectly good title.

There are several ways to combat this. Three great ways to sell more items on Ebay is to get repeat customers, customer who respond to a mailing list, or first time bidders who buy multiple items. All of these people will help your business succeed, and there are some tricks to building a loyal customer base.

Getting Repeat Customers
Hopefully you have already Branded your Ebay business. Make a name for yourself that is distinguishable, and meaningful. The easiest way to get repeat customers is to sell consumable products. If you sell things like calling cards, printer ink, packaging tape, etc... it should be easy to get repeat business. All you would have to do is make a free business card at Vista Print with your business name and Ebay ID on it, and put it in with every package you ship. The next time your customer needs a roll of packaging tape, they will (hopefully) look for your card and buy from a seller they can trust.

One way you can further increase the likelihood of a repeat customer through use of business card is to offer a discount (maybe 10%?) on their next purchase or an automatically reduced shipping charge. Reward your customers and they will come back again and again.

Starting a Mailing List
With a Mailing list you will be able to reach out to as many potential bidders as you are able to get to sign up. They can be old customers, or just potential ones you have gotten to sign up. After they are on a mailing list, you can email them weekly telling them about the new inventory you posted, or sales that are happening, etc... This is a great way to remind your past and potential customers that you have something which they need to buy. "Is your ink toner running low?" does the same thing, reminding previous customers to buy books similar to ones they have purchased in the past. It is a good idea to copy the pros on this one.

A good way I have noticed to get people on a mailing list is to offer a discount (5-10%) on their first purchase if they join. Not only will this help your mailing list grow, but it will help create a bidding frenzy when more than one person bids on your auction.

Getting Bidders to Buy Multiple Items.
Another great way to increase sales is to tell your bidders , and create an easily accessible link, to check out your other auctions because you are offering discounted shipping rates (or expedited shipping) if the bidder buys more than one of your great items. Remember that you can pack up to 75 pounds of anything into a USPS flat rate box for $8.10.

When thinking about offering discounts on your items it is important that you still make a profit for each item you sell, keep this into consideration. However, a preliminary discount that leads to a repeat customer is more than worth the time and money.

Good luck out there, and give me comments for any of your questions.
Offer discounted shipping with multiple items purchased
Put in a business card with each item you send.
Sign up for our mailing list, and receive x% off your first order

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Want to find out What Sells Best on eBay?

If you are an eBay seller who finds most of their things at garage sales, estate sales, Goodwills, or other thrift stores, it is a good idea to know what sells best on eBay.

A good way to see what sells best on eBay is to check out eBay Pulse. This is a list of the top 10 most searched for items in each category, and then sub-category. This should be your list of dream items to encounter while shopping. These items are the ones you should buy with little hesitation when seeing.

In fact, it is a good idea to keep a notebook and write these things down to take with you on your product buying adventures. Though, it is a good idea to note the reason most of these things are so sought after is because they are expensive, so it might be hard to find them in your daily searches. But it is possible.

For example, I sell a lot of used clothing on Ebay when I can not find anything else. Clothing is a reliable source of income for me, and something which is fairly easy to fall back on. Now when I look at the current Ebay Pulse list, it shows the top ten items that are selling best on eBay under Clothing, Shoes and Accessories:
1. coach
2. nike shoes
3. louis vuitton
4. gucci
5. chanel
6. prada
7. abercrombie
8. juicy couture
9. shoes
10. hollister

Now I know I am not going to run across Coach, or Louis Vuitton products very often, but things like Juicy Couture, Hollister, and Abercrombie are fairly common. The top 10 lists get narrowed down even further. Most of the clothes I find are women's, so it makes sense for me to know what the most popular selling women's clothing is:

1. abercrombie
2. rock & republic
3. diesel
4. lucky
5. hollister
6. juicy couture
7. bebe
8. banana republic
9. american eagle
10. bcbg

This list is far more accessible than the previous one. The least common thing to find here is rock & republic, and the others are fairly common. I have a list of these brands memorized now, but I used to print them out and take them with me on my clothes shopping adventures.

Another good idea to find out what brand names are selling well on eBay is to watch TV. For example, there are always Gap and Old Navy commercials on. Every time there is a commercial on TV it is advertising partially for you. Even though Gap and Old Navy are not on the list, they are more common than anything found above, and sell through very well. Sometimes surprisingly well! I am always pleasantly surprised whenever I buy a used pair of Old Navy Jeans and sell them for $10-$20.

Other places to look for popular brands are at some of the trendiest stores. Look to the mall, Macy's, Bloomingdales, Pacsun, Urban Outfitters etc... It is their job to find the best selling brands and stock the store with them. It is a good idea to search through their stores and note the brands which they are selling. And don't feel like you have to go to the mall, check out their websites!

These sorts of strategies should work when looking for any item. Look to eBay Pulse in the category you like to sell in, and also think about what kinds of stores sell similar products you are looking to sell.

It is all so easy, and well worth the time spent. Keep a notebook!

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

When is the best time to start an auction?

As many of you have noticed, I am sure, that your auctions get bid on at the last minute, it is a good idea to consider what time you want that last minute to be.

First of all, the time you start your auction is the time at which your auction will end. There is no way around this, other than to pay .10 cents per auction to Ebay to have it start at a specific time, or to use a third party service such as

Now when choosing a time and day it is important to consider what you are selling. If you are selling a book about the history of Long Beach California, or surfboards, or anything region specific, it is best to have that item end at an opportune time for that region to see it end.

For example, if you start your auction for surfboards at 6pm Tuesday on the east coast, it will end at 3pm pacific and 2pm in Hawaii. It is important to think about which region you are selling to and start your auction accordingly.

Personally, whenever I am listing items, I try to start the auction between 7pm and 8pm western time, so that it is accessible to bidders on the west coast, and not too late (10pm - 11pm) for bidders on the east coast. I also try to start my auctions on a Sunday night, though if you are considering having an auction run for ten days to get maximum exposure, you should probably start it on a Thursday night, so that it runs through two complete weekends, and ends on a Sunday evening.
Also, if you like the three day auctions, you should start them on a Thursday night, so they too will end on a Sunday.

General consensus among the internet commerce crowd seems to show that the most popular night for shopping is Sunday. The best nights to avoid, I believe, are Fridays and Saturdays, as many people have better things to do on Friday and Saturday evening.

Also, if you are posting multiple items that are the same, or very similar, it is best to spread them throughout the week. The less products ending on the same day, the more a demand is created, resulting in higher ending prices for your auction.

There is another philosophy on starting times, one which I do not yet subscribe to, but which seems semi-credible. This is the idea that you should have your auctions end early in the morning on Mondays. The idea is that if it ends early enough, people who are really interested in the item will give their max bid before they go to bed, in hope of winning it, instead of sniping in the morning. It seems like a nice idea, and is worth testing, but I am going to go with selling Sunday through Thursday nights for now.

Lastly, if you are selling office products, it is a good idea to have your items end on weekdays during office hours. Think about it. Just research your item, attempt to identify a market, and test a time at which you think the most buyers will be shopping.

Good luck with your listings, and please let me know if you have any other tips.

Monday, February 26, 2007

The Importance of Good Feedback

When buying and selling on a community like Ebay Good Feedback is crucial! If the first thing you do on Ebay is start selling, you will make far less money until you get your feedback rating up. This is because Ebay is synonymous with scams. There is no way to prove that the Apple Ipod you are selling is real, or you just used stock photos, other than to see how satisfied other people have been with your transactions. Good feedback creates trust in the community, and the higher your feedback, the better your auctions will sell.

The place where the lack of feedback is not such a big problem is when you are selling low cost items, or when you are bidding on other peoples auctions. Few sellers will turn away bids on their auctions because they want a bidding war, and you can't have a bidding war with only one bidder.

So, the best way to get good feedback is to start buying on Ebay. Buying on Ebay will also help you familiarize yourself with how auctions work, and how other sellers act. If you do buy to build up your feedback, try to buy from Power Sellers, or people with a lot of feedback ratings. Then you can not only get good feedback, but you can also learn to see what they do as far as customer service goes.

When buying, make sure to be very prompt with your payment, as this is the goal and the only real thing sellers care about (besides customer complaints). And the faster you are, the better your feedback should be.

Also, do not hesitate to ask for feedback in your emails. As a seller I do not give good feedback until I receive it, so if you are pleased with your item, give the seller feedback, and then ask for some in return.

Another way to get good feedback, and make a little money at the same time is to sell low cost items. Items where there is little chance or reason you would try to scam someone. Though you will not sell as many items at first, and your final bids might not bring you as much money as you would like, this is still a good way to start getting feedback.

I would not consider selling anything that was worth more than $24.99 until I had a good 10 or 15 positive feedbacks. And make sure they are good ones, not mediocre saying things like "item arrived, and is nice," but something like "A++ Ebay Superhero, Best Seller Ever! I want to buy more!" That might be too many characters, but you get the idea.

After you get about 100 positive feedback people tend to stop reading them before they bid, and you will notice an increase in percentage of sales as well as an increase in the final bid.

Remember that when you are selling, not just while you are starting out but through the duration of your Ebay career, you should strive to be as accommodating as possible. The customer is always right, and if you want your feedback to stay positive you should try to do as much as you can for them. Quickly respond to questions, ship with care, refund when necessary.

If you buy something from me, I will give you great feedback! Check out the top right of the sidebar, for what I am selling now!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Photos In Your Ebay Auction Title Increase Sales

So it is definitely worth the Extra .35 Cents!
Adding pictures at the side of your Ebay auction title is easier than adding them to your description. All you have to do is add the URL in the 3rd step of building your auction. Adding a photo to the side of your title draws something like %60 more clicks than photos without a picture and the presence of a photo will increase your selling power on ebay.

Adding a picture to your Ebay auction title is the single best upgrade you can buy. It is much better than highlighting or making your auction bold because it further describes what your are selling and draws more bidders.

I am sure you have also noticed that some peoples pictures are bigger than others on the side of their auction title. This is because the sellers crop their picture into a square instead of the traditional rectangle which normally comes with photos. This square photo takes up the most title space possible. I usually crop the special square when I have an item which I think I will be able to sell for a lot of money. It is worth the extra time spent to enhance your ebay auction titles, and the square picture is the perfect way to go.

You can get a perfect square in any photo editing program by clicking, holding the shift button, and then dragging. This makes your picture more visible than your competitors, since many of them will not put the time into this detail.

I hope this helped everyone, but if I somehow left anything out, or you have any questions about selling on Ebay, or anything, please do not hesitate to ask/comment.

The Importance of Pictures in Ebay Auctions

When constructing an Ebay auction, one of the most crucial elements you can add is a picture. The next best thing you could add to your auction description would be a second picture. Seriously, they are that important. The only way to tell what you are buying from someone is by looking at their pictures. Think of the last time you bought something without seeing it first. Exactly. Having pictures in your auctions is a necessity, and fortunately, it is an almost painless process.

If this all seems like review, skip down to Adding Photos to your Ebay Auction

The Camera
If you do not have a digital camera, and are attempting to sell on Ebay, you are doing something wrong. Buy one now! They do not have to be that good, they just have to take relatively clear pictures.

You do not need a 10.4 Mega pixel SLR digital camera to sell on Ebay. You can get a relatively cheap used one, mine is a 2.3 Mega Pixel point and shoot, and it does fine. The reason you do not have to worry so much about quality of photo, as far as pixels go, is because you will be posting your pictures on the internet. Here bandwidth is key, and the smaller the picture, the faster it will load.

I set my camera to its lowest setting for taking pictures at a resolution of 600x800, there are some that go smaller, and that is perfect for what we are doing here. The important thing is that your pictures look crisp.

Taking Pictures
So now, assuming you have a camera, and you are comfortable using it, lets talk about taking the pictures. When you are taking a picture it is going to have to have a background. White I have been using recently is my wooden table. The brown wood grains provide a nice neutral backdrop, but others use solid sheets.

The important thing is that you are not taking a picture of a black object on a white background. Harshly contrasting colors will make your photo lack detail, the easiest thing to do is to use a neutral type color that works with black as well as white and shiny objects.

If you want to get really serious about taking pictures, you might want to look into making a Light Tent, or Light Box (I need to put this on my to do list).

Editing Pictures
Well great! Now we have pictures taken, and you have figured out how to put them on your computer, now we just have to get them ready for the web. In order to do this you are going to need a photo editing program. There are a lot out there, many of which are free, and for your uses will be fine (I use Adobe Photoshop. All you really need to do, assuming you took good pictures, is crop them.

If you are taking a lot of pictures, hopefully you don't have to crop or edit them. This stuff might only take a couple of minutes, but if you are doing 40 posts a day that adds up! I usually try to take the best couple of pictures I can, and then just post them, but if you plan on selling the same thing over and over, or are focusing on quality, not quantity, it is worth spending a lot of time making your photos shine! If you need a basic tutorial and a good free photo editor check out Gimp.

When editing your pictures, make sure they are small enough that they load quickly. I always save my photos for the web as a JPG. This way I can have pictures with decent quality and small size for good loading time.

Adding Pictures to your Ebay Auction
Okay, now we are to the most important part. Adding pictures to your auction. Well, first we need to take the photos from your computer and upload them to a server. WE DO NOT USE EBAY'S PHOTO HOSTING SERVICES! This is a huge waste of money if you want to add multiple pictures (which you do) or have a large image in the middle of your description (which you do!). You save a lot of money by doing this yourself, and it is no harder.

The photo hosting service I use is Photobucket. It is quite simple, and allows for multiple uploads which makes my life considerably easier. The steps are simple, follow them and upload your pictures.

Now comes the not so tricky part. Adding photo's to your website is as easy as this:

Just replace the "yourimageurlhere" part with, well, do I really have to spell it out? You can place this tag wherever you want, and put as many photos as you feel is important to describe you are selling.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Tips to Save Money Listing Your Ebay Auctions

When you start to post several ebay auctions a day, your fees begin to mount. However, there are some things you can do to save some of your money from FeEbay.
The best thing you can do is to start your auction for .99 cents or less with no reserve. The reasoning behind this is that not only does it only cost .20 cents to list each auction below $1.00, but also the lower the price is the more tempting it is to buyers. Ebay sellers everywhere seem to agree that you make more money starting your bids low.

However, this way of saving money should be further looked into.
Let's imagine that you create 10 Ebay auctions a day, and you start them at .99 cents.
The Ebay fee structure works so that items starting .99 cents or below cost only .20 cents to post.
Thus your 10 auctions a day cost $2.00 a day to post, and $60.00 a month. You can see how Ebay fees add up.

Now, if you start your auction for $1.00, instead of .99, as many people do this will cost you an extra .20 cents an auction. That is an extra $60.00 a month you are just throwing away. That idea kind of makes me want to vomit. It is no wonder how Ebay makes so much money.

Here is a breakdown of how each extra cent will save you money.
.01-.99 = .20 to list -->
1.00 - 9.99 = .40 to list --> .01 extra is a waste of .20
10.00 - 24.99 = .60 to list --> .01 extra is a waste of .20
25.00 - 49.99 = 1.20 to list --> .01 extra is a waste of .60
50.00 - 199.99 = 2.40 to list --> .01 extra is a waste of 1.20
200.00 - 499.99 = 3.60 to list --> .01 extra is a waste of 1.20
500.00+ = 4.80 to list --> .01 extra is a waste of 1.20

The thing that blows my mind, and I hope you become aware of, is that even though it is a difference of .01, people are still posting things for $50.00 If you started 10 auctions a day for a month at this price you would be literally throwing away $360.00 a month.

This is not just a mistake made by beginners either, Powersellers are doing this too! It hurts me to look at them. But you need to learn from their mistakes! Look at this Auction house, for example: clarsauction.
This was just a random sample that I found, but it illustrates my point so well. Clarsauction is starting all of their bids at $10, $20, $25, $50, $100, $200... increments. And at this moment clarsauction has 1082 auctions running.

Here is the breakdown:
10 auctions starting at $10.00 --> loss of $2.00
148 auctions starting at $25.00 --> loss of $88.80
215 auctions starting at $50.00 --> loss of $177.60
67 auctions starting at $200 --> loss of $80.40
26 auctions starting at $500 --> loss of 31.20
Total auctions starting at a bad price = 466 (43% of total auctions)
Total amount of money thrown away in 10 days = $380.00

That is right, this auction house is throwing away $380.00 just to have their auctions start at a round number. Sure, as a brick and mortar auction house, they are making tons of money, 20% commission for up to $70,000, but the amount of money they throw away could pay for the person that posts their auctions. I would fire them! This is 466 10 day auctions. These people are throwing away more money in 10 days than most Ebay sellers make in a month.

I hope that I made it painfully obvious how this one little tip can help you save money on listing all of your Ebay auctions.

Please let me know of any other horror stories like this.

How to Write an Ebay Auction Description that Sells

Writing A Title
Nobody will look at your auction description if they can not find it. The first thing you have to do is write a good title. I wrote pretty extensively about this on a previous post, it is called Writing Good Auction Titles. The basics are:

  • Be as descriptive as you can
  • Lead with Brand Name first, then other specifics. Many people just type "Women's Jeans 8" and the Brand name first will set it apart from the other titles. Also, I like to CAPS the brand name, "GAP Women's Denim Jeans Size 8 NWT"
  • Don't spam keywords that are similar to your item, and don't use "L@@K," this is a waste of precious space, and nobody searches for "L@@K." If they do, you do not want their bids!
Item Specifics
Make sure you provide Item Specifics, many people use the sidebar to help narrow down their searches, and these are narrowed down by the "Item Specifics." You can add these above the "Description" box in the Sell your item page. For clothing Item Specifics would be things such as Style, Size Type, Size, Color, Condition. Try to fill in as many of these as possible, if you can not figure them out, look to auctions similar to yours and see what they write.

Item Description
This is probably the most important part! It is important to write as thorough of a description as you possibly can. Try to imagine what the bidders might ask you, and write it down! This will save you a lot of time in not having to answer questions, and also make you look more trustworthy. Add as much information to your auction description as you can, this is the internet, there is no space limitation! When selling pants I provide something like this:
  • Brand: Gap
  • Style: Boot Cut Jeans
  • Material: Denim/100%Cotton
  • Color: Dark Indigo
  • Size: 8
  • Waist: "32
  • Inseam: "30
  • Rise: "8
  • Condition: New With Tags
Actually, this is the basic format I provide on my clothing auction descriptions as well. Whatever you sell though, you should note anything any of the tags say, things like Model Numbers and such, as well as the dimensions. Describe it to the best of your ability. This is why we are supposed to research the things we sell, so that we can learn from others success.

After you have all of your specific information about the product it is helpful to sell your item a little more. Don't hype it up too much, but it would be fine to say something like, "These pants are so comfortable, and fit great. I am sure you will be pleased with them." It is a good thing to write your description as if you are talking to your bidder in an informal type of way. Also, saying things like "I am sure you will be pleased" inspires confidence in the bidder.

When writing your auction description it is a good idea to say something like, "You are bidding on a..." implying that they are already committing to a transaction. It is also important to tell the bidder to "BID NOW" or something to that extent. "If you don't bid, you will never understand how comfortable these pants are!" Ask them to bid, tell them to bid, get the idea of bidding into their heads.

Another good idea is to say something like "the high bidder will own this item at the end of the auction," this is functional because it implies that once you bid you already kind of own this item. This kind of mentality induces bidding wars; if a bidder already thinks they own an item, they will not be so happy when someone "steals" it from them by bidding higher.

Ebay sellers thrive on their bidders passion!

Also, as a seller, it is your goal to not only sell the item that you are currently writing the description for, but to sell all of your items. If they are similar, there is a good chance one bidder would want to buy something else from you. You have to sell yourself. Tell bidders to check out your other auctions, tell them to look at your About Me page, tell them to add you to their favorite sellers list. Provide buttons and links for all of these in your description.

Another good way to get the same bidder to buy multiple things from you is to offer a discount on shipping multiple items. Reward your bidders for their patronage, they will appreciate it, and sometimes bid on more of your auctions!

Adding Photographs.
This demands an entire post for itself, and one is coming, but we can get you started for now. First of all, you have a description, and that is great, but if you want to make any money selling on Ebay, you will need a photo. A photo is worth a thousand bids, (well maybe several) and listings with photos end with considerably higher prices than those without. Photos enhance you description like nothing else you can do, and even if you are selling an Ebook, or something that does not exist in real life, a picture will still make it sell better.

If you are doing this as a business, you need to not rely on Ebay's photo hosting service. It is crap! It does not allow you to have a photo of any decent size, and the photo that is on your page is at the bottom of your auction's description. Also, you have to pay more for multiple photos. This is a huge waste of money, and really adds up if you do a lot of auctions a week.

Hosting your own photos is easy, the service that I am currently using is It is simple to use and has a multiple upload feature which is quite easy. It also provides you with the code to add pictures to your descriptions in a very easy way. If you only do one thing this article suggest, HOST YOUR OWN PHOTOS!

Special Policies
when writing an Auction Description it is also important to specifically spell out your selling policies. What kind of payments you accept, shipping, returns, everything.

Payment Instructions: I used to accept only Paypal, as it is fastest, but now I believe that it is worth the wait for a money order, especially if the person who wants to buy with a money order drives the price of the auction up. The more payment options you offer, the more bids you will get. But don't get too wild, dealing with cash is sketchy, and against Ebay policy. Also be sure to provide a time frame for payment. I usually give them a week, but I am thinking about becoming less lenient and requiring payment within three days at the end of the auction unless they contact me asking for more time. Buyers can be lazy, and it is nice to get paid as soon as possible so you can move on to other things.

Shipping: I usually offer two different shipping options. USPS Parcel Post, as it is quite economical, and the low price attracts more bidders, and Priority, because sometimes people want to get their item fast, no matter how little they pay for it. Also, it is important to spell out how often you ship, within 24 hours of payment, in 1 business day, or 2. People depend on these guarantees. To find out which shipping provider is right for you, check out this article: Comparing USPS UPS and FedEX Shipping Fees. Also, make sure you have a tracking number, even if you don't provide it. This can save you from scamers later in the game.

Return Policy:
It is a good idea to have a return policy. It inspires a lot of confidence in your bidders if they can return their item if it is defective. A good disclaimer I like to throw into the description is that they can return their item if it is not as described, though others prefer a policy where they accept all returns no matter what. If you have a lot of similar items, it is a good idea to do a return as an exchange, though if you sell many different things, a return might be better as cash back.

Please let me know if you have any more tips, or if any of these ideas have worked for you.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Comparing USPS, UPS, and FedEx Shipping Fees.

One helpful way to make money selling on Ebay, is to avoid some of the costs of working in an online business. As you start selling on Ebay, you also have to start shipping packages to your customers. There are several providers out there, USPS, UPS and FedEX seem to be the shipping providers that are the most accessible, depending on your area.

01/31/2008 Update: Find out other ways to save money shipping eBay and Amazon orders with a Thermal Printer

Now the tricky part comes with choosing a shipping provider. I created a table for your use in comparing shipping prices for USPS, UPS, and FedEX for their parcel post and ground shipping options (at the bottom of page)

There are programs that cost 15.00 a month for this kind of information. I am such a nice guy I will gladly give it to you for free!

USPS Parcel post will deliver your package in 8 days
UPS Ground will deliver your package in 5 days
FedEx Ground also delivers in 5 days

When choosing a shipper, you should consider the weight of the packages you ship:

  • If you are shipping packages that weigh under 3 pounds, or can fit in a fixed rate box or envelope, you should definitely ship with USPS.
  • After 3 pounds, you should go with FedEx, as they become considerably cheaper.
  • If there is not an available FedEx in your area, you should ship with the USPS for up to 6 pound packages.
  • From 6 pounds to 25 pounds it is cheaper to ship with UPS ground then USPS.
  • And above 25 pounds, if you do not have access to a FedEx it is cheaper to switch back to using the USPS.
I hope this information helps you in your shipping quest.
Update: I added the spreadsheet below to let you better visualize the savings.

Price Comparison Spreadsheet

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Writing a Good Auction Title

Now that you found something to sell on Ebay it is time to learn how to write a good title for it (description next time)

The Title
When writing a good title it is important to be specific, remember, you are trying to have as many key words as possible that might be searched for. For example, I am currently selling the Super Nintendo cartridge Donkey Kong Country. However, when creating a title for this game I will not simply write "Donkey Kong Country," but I will make it more specific. It is the first of a series of 3 games, so it deserves a 1, but also, people often use roman numerals in searches so it also gets a "I." Also, it is important to indicate which system this game was made for, as there are many other Donkey Kong items floating around on ebay. In the end it became Donkey Kong Country I 1 (Super Nintendo).

When writing the title it is important to be as specific as possible, and attempt to guess what the potential bidder will search for. Sometimes this includes misspelling listings. For example, the brand Quiksilver is often misspelled, and if there is room in the title it would be appropriate to also include "Quicksilver."

One thing you should never do with titles, which I hope some day dies out, is to write something like "L@@K," This is obnoxious and a waste of keyword space. If you want someone to look at your item, add a picture to the side (we will get into this later). Also, when writing your title do not write keywords to similar but better and more popular things. Instead attempt to describe your product as best as possible with your limited amount of space.

Adding a Subtitle
Sometimes it is a good idea to add a subtitle to your item to draw more attention to it. It is especially worthwhile if the item will sell for a lot of money. Subtitles are especially effective if they set your almost identical auction apart from many others. Here you can draw interest in specials you offer, for example your Ipod comes with "3yr warranty and extras." Or the signed book you are selling has an inscription saying "I am so glad to hear about your sex change, Chuck Palahniuk." These are things that draw attention and will help you get more bids.

However, a subtitle is not necessary, and a waste of money if you know your item has perspective buyers and will only sell for $24.99. Subtitles are not worth the extra fee for lower priced items.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

What to sell on Ebay and Where to Get it

First of all, sell what you have. Go through your house and take items that you think might be valuable and look them up on Ebay. It is more effective to do an advanced search and click the completed listings box, this will allow you to see all of the completed listings for your search criteria in the last 15 days.

After you have made some sort of pile of items you would like to get rid of, and researched them, there is a good chance that some won't be worth selling. But going through this process will give you good practice with Ebay and a basic idea of what actually sells and what does not.

Once you have sold all of the things in your house: used clothing, DVDs, books, electronics, Christmas gifts you never returned, weird glass bottles, skiing equipment, etc… it is time for you to start looking elsewhere for products.

This is the part where you start selling what you know, or what you are interested in. For example, I was lucky enough to befriend an Ebay seller who makes her own all natural home-made soap. Now, she has a great product of which she fully understands the intricacies. She sells bars of soap as a business at farmers markets and on her website, but she also extends her selling potential by creating auctions on Ebay for her oddly shaped and extra bars. Her seller name is Sacred Organics. She sells what she knows and does a fair job of it.

She also introduced me to expanding horizontally by selling several different types of products. For example she also sells used clothing to supplement her business’s income. You can sell anything you put time into learning about, be it related to your other auctions, or not.

There is another important lesson to learn in the selling of used clothing, and that is to sell something with name recognition. For example, while searching through piles of clothing looking for something to sell it would be a good idea to pick a pair of Gap or Old Navy Jeans, because the companies have tons of TV commercials and advertise like crazy to have recognizable name brands. It would not be a good idea to pick a pair of Costco’s Kirkland Jeans, something that nobody really wants to buy second hand, as it is not trendy, or well advertised.

When finding items to sell, make your job easy by selling something that is popular and has name brand recognition.

Now that you have an idea about what you want to sell, and you have researched how this thing sells on the completed listings, you just have to find products. There are a lot of different places to look, and the reason you did your research was so that when you are out in the field scouting for products you know which items are popular and the price you will be able to resell them.

It would be helpful to get a journal to keep ideas of what you want to sell, and prices these things have sold for on Ebay.

Places to start looking:
  • Estate Sales – be early!
  • Garage Sales – be early!
  • Church and Rummage sales – be early!
  • Goodwill and other places that sell used goods
  • Physical Auctions As well as Goodwill Auctions
  • Craig’s List
  • Freecycle – upon signing up you will receive a lot of spam in your email, but there is often good stuff to find that you only have to drive to pick up.
  • Antique Shops
  • Wholesalers and Overstock Liquidation - I will go in future posts
This should get you started with knowing what to sell and where to find it. But you should also tell your friends and co-workers that you now sell goods on Ebay. I have received boxes of books, and pairs of new J.Crew pants from friends who just wanted to get rid of their stuff but did not have a reason to donate it.

Good luck hunting, there are people out there waiting to buy what you have to sell!

Branding your Ebay Business

When you start selling on Ebay it is best to set lofty goals for yourself and for what you plan on selling. If this is part of your business, or you are a part time seller with high aspirations it should be reflected in your username.

I will use myself as an example, when I first started selling on Ebay as a hobby; I just shortened my email address and made my seller name “carl.8630.” This did not really say anything about me, or what I was trying to sell. I decided that I wanted to focus more on selling clothing and then chose the more appropriate name of “pdx-apparel”

What I am trying to hammer home here is that you should not be using a nickname for your user name. Instead you should attempt to create a brand that will reflect the products you are selling. This is especially true if you occupy a niche market and sell only one type of thing, like shoes or DVDs.

Lastly, creating a brand will give you more recognition and inspire repeat business. It does not inspire confidence in your customers when you are selling books on Ebay but your user name is thepopesmokesdope420. Act accordingly and watch your business slowly grow!

Selling on Ebay: Blog Goals

Ebay Selling Guide's goal for this blog is to teach how to better sell on ebay and make more money while doing so. Selling on Ebay is fun, profitable and relatively easy. By reading the Ebay Selling Guide, you will hopefully learn how to write an auction title that sells; create a great auction description, take better photos, save time and money on repetitive tasks, and make more money by enhancing your Ebay Auctions.

If I can not teach you how to make more money on Ebay, I will at least teach you how to save more time and money by automating tasks, changing listing strategies, and changing shipping providers.

Reading the Ebay selling guide will not only allow you to make your auctions better, but it will also help you keep your bank account full of hard earned Ebay money!