Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Selling on Ebay: Blog Goals

Ebay Selling Guide's goal for this blog is to teach how to better sell on ebay and make more money while doing so. Selling on Ebay is fun, profitable and relatively easy. By reading the Ebay Selling Guide, you will hopefully learn how to write an auction title that sells; create a great auction description, take better photos, save time and money on repetitive tasks, and make more money by enhancing your Ebay Auctions.

If I can not teach you how to make more money on Ebay, I will at least teach you how to save more time and money by automating tasks, changing listing strategies, and changing shipping providers.

Reading the Ebay selling guide will not only allow you to make your auctions better, but it will also help you keep your bank account full of hard earned Ebay money!

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Klutch Sports said...

Please move this comment elsewhere if needed.

As I enjoy your writing style and am thankful for the help you have provided I find it worthwhile to continue to pick your brain:

What are your thoughts or theories you have heard regarding the time of day to start and stop listing auctions? As a store manager with quite a lot of product to list and multiple units of most of the items being listed I have generally let my listings run at any time and relaunch if not sold. It pains me to think of getting a listing ready but not having it visible for hours by restricting when it can launch.