Sunday, February 25, 2007

Photos In Your Ebay Auction Title Increase Sales

So it is definitely worth the Extra .35 Cents!
Adding pictures at the side of your Ebay auction title is easier than adding them to your description. All you have to do is add the URL in the 3rd step of building your auction. Adding a photo to the side of your title draws something like %60 more clicks than photos without a picture and the presence of a photo will increase your selling power on ebay.

Adding a picture to your Ebay auction title is the single best upgrade you can buy. It is much better than highlighting or making your auction bold because it further describes what your are selling and draws more bidders.

I am sure you have also noticed that some peoples pictures are bigger than others on the side of their auction title. This is because the sellers crop their picture into a square instead of the traditional rectangle which normally comes with photos. This square photo takes up the most title space possible. I usually crop the special square when I have an item which I think I will be able to sell for a lot of money. It is worth the extra time spent to enhance your ebay auction titles, and the square picture is the perfect way to go.

You can get a perfect square in any photo editing program by clicking, holding the shift button, and then dragging. This makes your picture more visible than your competitors, since many of them will not put the time into this detail.

I hope this helped everyone, but if I somehow left anything out, or you have any questions about selling on Ebay, or anything, please do not hesitate to ask/comment.

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