Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Get Higher Prices by Experimenting with Auctions

* Trying to stand out from a crowd by offering free
shipping or lowering prices and raising shipping costs.

* Changing the keywords in the your auction titles. Did
you know eBay will tell you the five most frequently
searched phrases for each category. Well eBay does. Even
better, eBay even puts them in order. You can find these
five most frequent searches by going into any category and
looking at the "Related Searches" links found just under
the search box at the top of every category page.

* Removing links to store items. I've seen a lot of
auctions with columns of links to store categories. Do
these links help people find additional items or distract
them from the single listing? I don't know.

* Trying different categories, or using the two
category option. I know from my past results a Marx toy
train accessory will usually bring more money listed in one
of the Lionel categories. (Lionel and Marx are different
brands of toy trains.) I wouldn't know that if I hadn't
tested it.

A short aside here. EBay's rules say you must list
the item in the most relevant category. Because there is a
Marx category, the item should be listed there. To get
around this, I list in BOTH categories, and include the
words "USE WITH LIONEL" in the title. That is also an
acceptable way to get a keyword into a title. "USE WITH,"
or "FOR" and the secondary keyword.

* Remember to pay attention to the eBay listing fees
when selecting prices to test. An auction listed with a
starting price of $9.99, will cost you less in listing fees
than the same auction with a starting price of $10.00.

-Auction Revolution news

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