Sunday, January 27, 2008

Free eBooks to Resell on eBay

I have been thinking of some no hassle ways to increase income and feedback at the same time. One of the easy ways I have found is to sell eBooks. These are great because once you have them, you can resell them over and over. You do not have to go and get more inventory and you don't have to ship anything!

So, as a gift from me to you, I am giving you a list of eBooks with resell rights that you can download for free to sell on eBay. These are pretty decent books, and there is no catch. You can just download the ebooks to read if you want.

So, here is how I would market these (you need a store):

Start a .01 cent auction every day for one eBook. This will draw some attention to you and your other auctions. Make sure to include links in your auction to your other auctions, and your store. Tell them to check out your about me page for a free gift. Give another free eBook there. I think Skip McGrath has some free eBooks to give out for this purpose as well.

Also, in all of your other auctions, no matter what for, it would be very helpful to have a link to an eBook about selling on eBay to drive more sales. Say something like, "if you want to make money by selling on eBay too, check out this eBook." Do whatever it takes to cross-link all of your auctions to your eBooks.

After you have penny eBooks, and links pointing to the eBook section of your store, you can start adding eBooks that sell for more than just one penny. It costs next to nothing to have items like these in your store, and if people only buy ten eBooks from you a month for $3.00, it will more than pay for your store fees.

OK, now that I have told you how to do it, here is a list of free eBooks with resell rights to put into your eBay store.

Just download these, and upload them to your own website. Then, after someone wins your auction, or buys it now, eBay will provide them with your website and they can download it easily.

Good Luck!

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