Sunday, January 27, 2008

How to Buy and Sell LEGOs on eBay

Are you wondering what else you can sell on eBay? Do you have some extra room in your eBay Store? You should try to sell LEGOs! They are a very collectible item that sell very well on eBay. One of the best things about selling LEGOs is that they are easy to find!

When buying and selling LEGOs on eBay, it is important that you completely avoid dealing with all LEGO knockoffs, do not buy or sell mega blocks, or building blocks of the same caliber.

Methods of selling LEGOs.

  • Sell lots of 1 lb lots of LEGOs (going price is about $5-$10 per lb.)
  • Sell minifigs (the little LEGO men).
  • Sell specialty pieces separately (large base pieces, flowers, guns, etc...).
These are the main three avenues of selling Legos on eBay, and if you get into selling them, you will probably be doing all three.

I recommend having a store where about 90% of your LEGOs can be bought, and then having about 10% of your LEGOs in auctions. The auctions should be for things like higher end minifigs and 1 lb lots of LEGOs.

Make sure you tell your customers to visit your store for more great LEGO products in all of your auctions!

Where to find LEGOs:
  • Your Closet
  • Garage Sales, and Thrift Stores
  • often has LEGO lots to buy locally without having to deal with the competition of other online bidders.
  • eBay is the only other way to get a reliable source of LEGOs.
Buying LEGOs on eBay to Resell:
  • When buying LEGOs it is a good idea to buy them in bulk.
  • You can get the best prices for lots ranging from 2-6 lbs. Make sure you include shipping into the cost of acquiring your Lego stock.
  • Stay away from buying larger lots at first. Buying small lots will give you practice in separating the good LEGO auctions from the bad ones.
  • Make sure the auction says 100% LEGOs, you do not want to buy other toys or garbage, and it is also good to buy ones that have been cleaned. Look closely at the picture to make sure it is a quality lot!
Coveted LEGO Items:
  • When buying LEGOs it is good to keep on the lookout for some of the more popular items.
  • For example, Generic LEGO Minifigs sell for about $1 each, and they fetch a higher price if they include accessories.
  • If you find minifigs from the themes: Western, Space & Pirate they are worth about $2-$3 each, Castle are worth more: $2-$10, and Star Wars are worth the most $4-$25. One Darth Maul minifig sells for up to $30!

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