Saturday, February 9, 2008

eBay Coupon Codes - Get Cash Back!

eBay Promotions and coupon codes are few and far between. But there are some ways to get cash back on your eBay purchase without having a coupon. In fact, there is one very easy way to get cash back on all of your purchases without having to use a coupon code at all!

If you want to get cash back on all eBay purchases I recommend that you sign up for It is a free service that pays you the highest overall cash back available at eBay , and you can also get cash back at 233 other online marketplaces. It also has a referral program where you can make money whenever your referrals buy something.

This is a service that I actually use, otherwise I would not be promoting it. I just want to let you in on the eBay savings when there are no eBay coupon codes to be found. So next time you are shopping on eBay be sure to consider . It is easy, and you get your cash deposited to your Paypal account every month.

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Anonymous said...

hi, i googled ebay coupon codes and came across ur blog. those codes wont work for me for some reason, but found ur blog instead. thanks for posting. ive never heard of so i will give it a shot and see if really works. i dont know enough people to try and refer that use ebay but its worth posting a blog like u did or making a blog on myspace. the myspace bulletins will take it as spam and not work so ill have to blog it like this site and myspace instead. it will work that way. i have a blog on my myspace page about a survey site that really does pay u money to open emails and try new things. some things are free to try as well. its not a lot of money. about $30 every 6-12mons, but they really send u a check thats real. im waiting on two checks now. they should be printed and sent out in july. every little bit helps on bills. thanks again for ur blog. have a blessed day, take care, lisa-atlanta, ga.