Sunday, February 3, 2008

New Niche for eBay: It is time to go GREEN

In the last three years there has been a large increase in the amount of companies that are projecting a "greener" image to promote a friendlier, pro-environment outlook. Some of them are obviously just using the term "green" to seem like a less evil corporation, even though they still exploit workers, and the environment.

Anyway, I have not noticed a parallel shifted toward "greenness" on eBay. It seems that sellers are not taking advantage of one marketing ploy they can rightfully claim.

What I am saying is, you should go Green on your eBay advertisements. Most of the small sellers find their goods at the Goodwill, and they should capitalize on this. It should not be, "yuck I got it used." It should be, "Awesome, I saved this from a landfill, I'm making it available for someone who really wants it, and I'm going to sell it for a profit."

There are a lot of ways to take advantage of the Green Movement. You can use a statement in your eBay ad that says, "we use recycled materials to package your product." Recycled meaning that you use packaging supplies from craigslist that were just going to be dumped otherwise.

You should tell your potential bidders that they are doing the right thing by purchasing from you because there is nothing more environmentally friendly than buying used goods. Talk about how they are saving things from landfills by buying used, and creating less waste and demand for new items.

There are many ways to go "green" on eBay. In addition to advertising your recycling practices, you can find a niche in selling new items, like clothing, that have been made in an environmentally friendly way.

If you sell shoes, you can market them as vegan or eco-friendly if they do not contain any animal products (and hopefully are not made out of PVC).

Be creative, and let the green revolution become a profit booster. Support it, and it will support you!

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