Sunday, February 24, 2008

eBay News and Information: Links for Feb 24

LA Times: Ex-CEO of eBay, Meg Whitman, is looking into what it takes to run for Governor of California. She reportedly has enough capital to finance her own campaign.

Newsday: eBay Strike is extended until March 9th. Some sellers and fewer buyers will prolong their boycott an extra week. Although eBay says, "There hasn't been any marked change in our daily listing volume, and we monitor that pretty closely."

Forbes: Experts at Wharton consider what Donahoe, the new CEO, should try to accomplish with eBay. One recommendation is that "eBay needs to better integrate its auctions with the fixed-price shopping convenience offered at sites like"

Online Auction Blog: Provides some examples of what PayPal scams look like, and how you can avoid them. an Indian Internet search engine and social media site is now available on eBay. Starting bid is US $500,000.00. If you want a website ranked in the top 100 on Alexia in India, today is your lucky day!

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