Tuesday, February 26, 2008

eBay News: eBay Boycott Causes Auction listings to drop 13%

From USA Today:

Auction listings on eBay.com dropped some 13% since the strike started Feb. 18
to about 13 million items, according to third-party tracking sites such as
dealscart.com and medved.net.

This quote misrepresents the actual effectivness of the eBay boycott. Ebay, did in fact drop 13% since Feb. 18. But if you look at the beggining of February there were about 13 million auction listings to start with. Thus, this small time frame only captures a small spike and valley in the graph. It does not actually represent how eBay is doing as a whole throught the month of February.

This is another case of the Media skewing the numbers for a story.

eBay reports that it has seen no difference in the ammount of auctions listed since the boycott began.

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Master Chief said...

There was a lot of talkin about that boycott on the ebay community boards,
but, even if all the sellers on ebay were to actually boycott that site, where would they go ??