Thursday, February 14, 2008

Get Higher Auction Prices With Good Ad Copy

Do you want to get higher prices on your eBay listings? Do you feel that your items are selling for less than they should? Well it is time for you to work on your Ad Copy (Advertisement Copywriting).

Writing good ad copy is a process that takes time. You may have to restructure your auctions, and re-think how you write your descriptions. But, if you want higher auction prices and a larger sell through rate, it will be worth it to learn some basics of copywriting.

The first thing you need to do when copywriting is know who your audience is. Identify your target audience and then address their needs. When you are writing to your bidders you need to make your ad as personal as possible. Use pronouns like I and you, drop the we. Even if your ad reaches hundreds of people, you need the bidder to imagine that you are giving them one on one attention.

Secondly, you need to analyze your product/service, it helps to make a list. What features does your product have? Make a list and try to describe it thoroughly. For every feature that you come up with, try to think of a benefit that it will give your buyer.

Next, you need to take your list of features and benefits and use them in a ad copy formula. You need to structure your ad copy in your eBay auction, and there are two popular ways to do so. The first method is called AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action). The second is PAS (Problem, Agitate, Solution). These are they basic formulas for writing ad copy, and are pretty self explanatory.

When writing ad copy for your eBay auctions make sure to really sell the product. Grab the readers interest and make them want the product because of all of its great features. Use the bidders desire as a tool to get them to buy the item, tell them how it will make their life better, and how it will solve their problems. And lastly, use a call of action. Tell the bidder to buy it now in order to get this great product.

The last part is so important I will write it again. When writing good ad copy for your eBay auctions you need to tell the bidder to bid or buy your item now. Make it seem urgent, tell them they will not find a better deal anywhere else, tell them not to miss out on this unique product. You need to tell the bidder to buy the item, or else they will go elsewhere, and you will lose a lot of bids.

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